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Your purchase of Florida's "Ag Tag" license plate benefits the Florida Agriculture in the Classroom Program.

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Florida Agriculture in the Classroom has trained facilitators around the state who can conduct a workshop in your area.

Teachers in kindergarten through 12th grade who teach any subject and agriculture industry volunteers interested educating students about Florida agriculture are invited to attend these trainings, which last up to five or six hours and include lessons from Florida Agriculture in the Classroom’s three core curricula, “Gardening for Grades,” “Gardening for Nutrition,” and “STEMming Up Gardening.”

All curricula are correlated to Florida State Standards, and the workshops train you on how to present them to students.

The workshops and materials are free (or for a nominal fee for regional workshops & farm tours) to anyone who attends. Teachers who participate are eligible for professional development points.

If you are interested in having a workshop scheduled in your area, please request one using the form below.

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