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School Garden Grants

Thank you for your interest in applying for one of Florida Agriculture in the Classroomā€™s School Garden Grants!

The $500 grants are meant to supplement FAITCā€™s Gardening for Grades,Ā Gardening for Nutrition andĀ STEMming Up Gardening, three books that take Florida teachers through the process of developing a school garden, and includes lessons to help teachers use the garden to teach health, science, language arts, math, technology, engineering and other subjects.

I am sorry but we are no longer accepting grant application this school year. We will have grants available again August 2020.

Approved Fruits, Veggies and Herbs to Be Used in Garden

Grant Information, Guidelines, and Requirements

Florida Agriculture in the Classroom’s School Garden Grant Program is designed to fund school garden projects that will educate Floridaā€™s students about the importance of agriculture, healthier meal options and allow teachers to use a school garden to teach Florida standards.

Those who receive funding for a school garden project will need to request a free copy of Gardening for Grades, Gardening for Nutrition and/or STEMming Up Gardening, books for teachers to help them get the most out of their school gardens, including tips on securing funding, planting Florida fruits and vegetables, and using the garden to teach more than a two dozen lesson plans and activities. A requirement of the grant is that teachers teach at least one lesson from one of the three school garden curricula.

Grant Timeline

  • Grant applications must be submitted online beginning Thursday, August 1, 2019. FAITC will accept online applications until our grants funds are depleted.
  • Announcement of awards will begin mid August 2019 and continue until the grant funds are depleted. We only have a limited number of grants.
  • Progress Report will be due to FAITC by December 13, 2019 online form or email survey.
  • Final report will be due to FAITC by May 22, 2020.

Eligible Applicants

Certified teachers in Florida engaged in classroom instruction at the preā€kindergarten through 12th grade level who wish to create fruit and vegetable school gardens to enhance studentsā€™ understanding of agriculture.

Funding Guidelines

  • $500 school garden grants will be awarded. Budget must equal $500 or more.
  • Seeds or seedling purchased with grant money must be on the specialty crops list. View the list of approved fruits, vegetables and herbs.
  • Because of food safety concerns, animal waste is not to be used on edible plants.
  • Grant money cannot be used for transportation.
  • Grant money cannot be used for salary or compensation.
  • Grant money cannot be used for clothing, promotional items or giveaway items.
  • Grant money can only be used for the following list of acceptable items:
    • Seeds (fruits and vegetables)
    • Soil
    • Plants (fruits and vegetables)
    • Fertilizer
    • Raised bed materials
    • Greenhouse materials
    • Hydroponics materials
    • Irrigation/watering system materials
    • Gardening tools
  • Grant check will be made payable to the school.
  • Grant checks not cashed within 60 days after receipt will become null and void.

Grant Requirements

  • Students must be directly involved in project.
  • The use of a lesson fromĀ Gardening for Grades,Ā Gardening for NutritionĀ and/or STEMming Up GardeningĀ must be demonstrated in the application and final report.
  • Students must keep a food diary through project. At the end of the project the teacher will summarize the changes in studentsā€™ eating habits and attitudes about food. Teacher can decide how to best incorporate it into curriculum, there is no set format.
  • Students must be surveyed at the beginning and end of garden project to determine the percent that has tried the fruits and vegetables planted in the garden.
  • You must plant at least one fruit or vegetable on the approved specialty crop list that you have not grown before.
  • A DETAILED budget and timeline must be included with your application.
  • Some amount of inā€kind or monetary contributions must be secured before receiving the grant, this can be in the form of volunteer time.
  • Only one grant will be awarded per school.
  • If your school has received a grant in the past and not turned in a final report, your school is not eligible.
  • Gardening for Grades, Gardening for Nutrition and/or STEMming Up Gardening (available for free from Florida Agriculture in the Classroom) must be used. A pre- and post-test for each lesson used must be administered to the students participating in the project. Pre- and post-test results must be included in the final report. Preā€ and postā€tests can be found at the end of each lesson, but teachers can create their own tests as long as they coordinate with the lesson.
  • If any changes in project or budget are made throughout the project recipients must send an email with changes to sponholtz@agtag.org.
  • A final report is due (online) to FAITC office no later than May 22, 2020.


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