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Gardening | Grades Kindergarten-5 | Science, Social Studies

Spice It Up

This activity can be used to get students excited about herbs, where they come from, and their several uses.

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Beef, Citrus, Dairy, Equine, Forest, Gardening, Poultry, Cotton | Grades Kindergarten-5 | Science, Language Arts

Poetry In A Bag

This activity can be used to introduce any commodity to students. Students will write adjectives about each commodity and create a poem as a group.

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Gardening | Grades 2-5 | Science

Recycled Newspaper Pots

Create flower pots while being mindful of the environment by using recycled material.

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Gardening | Grades 2-8 | Science

Self-Watering Plant System

Teach about plant growth or methods of recycling with this fun, affordable activity. Students can create self-watering plant systems for experiments and research opportunities or to care for small plants.

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Gardening | Grades 3-12 | Science

Flower Model

Learn the parts of the flower by constructing a 3-D flower model.

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Gardening | Grades 4-8 | Math, Science

Square Foot Gardening

Have students investigate area and perimeter by creating a garden plot using 12×12 inch squares. This activity is also great for garden planning.

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Environmental, Water | Science

Water Cycle Bracelet

Learn components of the water cycle through a fun activity. Students will become water molecules and travel through stages of the water cycle, creating a bracelet and learning facts along the way.

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Gardening, Plant Nutrition | Grades 1-3 | Science

Garden in a Glove

Learn the process of germination through a fun activity. Garden in a Glove allows students to track the germination process, learn what a seed needs in order to germinate and what the plant needs to thrive.

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Dairy | Grades 2-12 | Science

How To Make Cheese and Cottage Cheese

Learn how to make cheese and cottage cheese while learning about changes in matter.

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Dairy | Grades 2-12 | Science

How To Make Butter In A Jar

Make butter in a jar while learning about stages of matter standards.

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