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My Meal Choices


Student will collect personal meal consumption data, align those foods to the food guide food groups, and cross reference that information with the MyPlate to compare personal eating habits and to recommended guidelines. Students also will use that information to create their own food web.


Students will:

  1. Document each meal and snack over a one week period on Diary of My Meal Choices student handout.
  2. Designate food information collected into MyPlate.
  3. Compare own meal data with the recommended data to analyze their healthy eating status.
  4. Reflect on personal eating habits and determine changes to be made in diet.
  5. Create their own personal food web that demonstrates how the food they eat is a result of the interactions between the geosphere, atmosphere, hydrosphere and biosphere.


Four to five 30-minute sessions plus time for daily meal documentation on hard copy or online.

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