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Planting Guides

We have two new ‘Rainbow of Nutrition’ Planting Guides.  These guides give basic planting, growing and nutritional information for fruits and vegetables that can be grown in Florida school gardens.

When ordering, please order only one class set. Unfortunately, we were unable to order enough of these for every student to receive one each year, these are meant to be class sets.  

Kindergarten-Second Grade: An image-based planting guide geared toward younger learners. There are 3 fruits and vegetables for each color of the rainbow.

Third Grade +: A text-based planting guide geared toward third grade and higher learners. There are 54 different fruits and vegetables with planting, growing, harvesting and nutritional information.





Correction to both guides: Although we review our new resources many times before final printing, every once in a while errors slip through. We apologize for that and want to correct an error that was found in each growing guide. 

Under the Soil Tips section on each guide, please be sure to make note of this update!

Incorrect information: 1. To lower pH add lime. 2. To raise pH add sulfur.

Correct information: 1. To lower pH add sulfur. 2. To raise pH add lime.


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