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“Phun” with Photosynthesis


Students will use light-sensitive beads to observe how sunlight can cause rapid physical and chemical changes in what it strikes. They will calculate the total surface area of leaves exposed to the sun on a saw palmetto plant. They will calculate how many photoelectric cells would equal the solar energy capturing ability of the saw palmetto plant they measure. The students will then design and make a tree using photoelectric cells as leaves.


Students will:

  1. Explain that photosynthesis is a crucial process for all living things on earth.
  2. List the steps in the process of photosynthesis by making a flow chart.
  3. Produce measurable electricity by placing photoelectric cells into a tree form.
  4. Explain why photoelectric cells are an environmentally sound way to produce electricity.


Lesson: up to 50 minutes

Lab/Field Observation: up to 100 minutes

Solar Project: 100 to 150 minutes

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