Curriculum Connections

Dairy | Grades 2-12 | Science

How To Make Ice Cream In A Bag

Make ice cream in a bag while learning about states of matter!

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Environmental | Grades 3-8 |

Paper Pieces

Learn the process of creating and recycling paper.

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Citrus | Grades Kindergarten-2 |

Orange Juice

Learn the process of making orange juice and enjoy a cup of freshly squeezed O.J.

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Bees | Grades Kindergarten-5 |

Honey Treats

Learn about the nutritional value of honey and its role in the sports industry while making an energy filled snack.

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Bees | Grades Kindergarten-5 | Science, Language Arts

Bee Bingo

Through Bee Bingo, students will learn just how many fruits, vegetables, herbs and/or nuts that they eat and rely on bees for pollination

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Beef | Grades Kindergarten-8 |

Beefo Bingo

Beefo Bingo involves students in a fun and exciting game while learning about by-products of the beef industry.

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