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Garden in a Glove

Garden in a Glove

Brief Description
Learn the process of germination through a fun activity. This activity allows you to track the germination process.

Objectives: The student will be able to:

  • Describe the germination process of a seed.


Step-by-Step Pictures: 

STEP ONE: Gather your supplies: food service gloves (you can find these at restaurant supply stores), seeds, cotton balls, water, permanent marker.

STEP TWO: Label the fingers.  You can do each finger the same seed or you can do each finger a different seed it is up to you.  A suggestion when working with small children is to use larger seeds so they can hold them and see them easier.






STEP THREE: Wet the cotton balls.  You can do this by dipping them in a bowl or water and squeezing out the extra or using a spray bottle. You do not want a puddle of water in the tip of the glove finger but if the cotton ball dries up the plant will die.  A warning to those doing this project for the first time, if you give a student a spray bottle they may use it like a water gun!

STEP FOUR: Place a seed in each of the fine wet cotton balls.  It is important that the seed is on the cotton ball really good but not wrapped in the cotton ball.  If the seed is wrapped up you will not be able to see it germinate.  During the growing process if the cotton balls start to dry up you can use a spray bottle to add water.

STEP FIVE: Tape the glove to the window so that the seed can get the heat from the sun and the plant can get light for photosynthesis.  All the seed needs to start the germination process is air, water and heat. Now you just have to wait for the seeds to sprout.