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Excellence in Teaching About Agriculture Awards

Are you a Florida teacher who uses agriculture to teach your state standards? If so, you are eligible for Florida Agriculture in the Classroom’s Excellence in Teaching About Agriculture Award. Winners win a trip to the National Agriculture in the Classroom Conference, in 2019 the conference will be in Little Rock, Arkansas. Online applications are due November 15th. This is your chance to brag about all the great things you are doing in your classroom!

There are 4 categories: elementary school, middle school, high school and middle school agriscience. From there we will pick an overall winner.

The overall winner will receive a $500 honorarium and the other winners will receive $250.

Florida Excellence in Teaching About Agriculture Award

  • This section and following are for positions you held before your current teaching position. If none leave blank.
  • Share your method of integrating and instructing one or more of the following national agricultural literacy themes in your classroom. How did you use the theme (or themes) to increase agricultural literacy? Please note on the first line of your narrative which theme(s) you are addressing: 1. Agriculture and the Environment 2. Plants and Animals for Food, Fiber & Energy 3. Food, Health, and Lifestyle 4. Science, Technology, Engineering & Math 5. Culture, Society, Economy & Geography

Past Winners


  • Jacqueline Holmes – National Excellence in Teaching About Agriculture Winner
  • Amanda Ellis
  • Kaitlin Van Heusen

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  • Carrie Sue Edenfield
  • Tara Dukanauskas


  • Ronda Curtis
  • Cynthia Nowicki
  • Scott Savett
  • Jill Sullivan


  • Christine Danger – National Excellence in Teaching About Agriculture Winner
  • Elissa Berman
  • Thomas Lynch
  • Michele Hanson

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