Environmental, Forest | Grades Kindergarten-5 | Science, Social Studies

Arbor Day Bookmark

Students will create a bookmark to celebrate Arbor Day.

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Gardening | Grades Kindergarten-5 | Science, Social Studies

Spice It Up

This activity can be used to get students excited about herbs, where they come from, and their several uses.

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Dairy, Gardening | Grades 4-8 | Language Arts, Social Studies

Florida’s Milk Makers

Students will explore the Florida dairy industry, including breeds of dairy cattle and the significance the dairy industry has in the state.

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Chocolate, Coconut | Grades 5-12 | Language Arts, Social Studies

Coconut to Candy Bar

In Coconut to Candy Bar students will trace the production of a candy bar that includes coconut as its flavoring ingredient, from the first ingredient, to the final product.

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Cotton, Fiber | Grades 5-8 | Language Arts, Social Studies

Fibers From Nature Lesson

Not only do plants provide us with many delicious edible products, they also produce fiber for clothing. This lesson introduces students to those non-edible products known as natural fibers with an emphasis on cotton. Students discover where cotton is produced on a national and global scale as well as what products are connected to what fibers.

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Citrus | Grades 4-8 | Language Arts, Social Studies

Citrus in Florida

Citrus in Florida will examine the development of oranges and their history here in Florida. Students will discover the significant role citrus plays in Florida’s economy, the impact citrus had on Florida’s history while learning about geography.

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Chocolate | Grades 5-8 | Language Arts, Social Studies

Chocolate History

Students will explore the long history of chocolate from the New World to the old and back again. This exploration will involve Mayans, Aztecs, Spanish, Dutch, French, English and American cultures. It will explore ancient methods of production and processing and modern technological processes.

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Poultry | Grades 4-7 | Math, Language Arts, Social Studies

The Chicken and the Egg

Students will become familiar with the important role Florida’s broiler production and broiler companies play. The students will continue to expand their knowledge by utilizing their math skills to calculate the space needed to adequately raise broiler birds and read graphs pertinent to the poultry industry.

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Gardening | Grades Kindergarten-2 | Science, Language Arts, Social Studies, Physical Education, Math

What We Eat – Part 1

Students will sort fruits and vegetables by examining plants – grown in the school garden, purchased in the market, or featured in models or pictures – into the parts of the plant eaten as food, identify a serving size, and locate where on MyPlate the food belongs.

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Gardening | Grades Kindergarten-2 | Language Arts, Social Studies, Physical Education, Science

Salad Rap – Part 1

Students create a rap song/chant and dance promoting the components of their favorite salad, and use chant as a device to remember that plants do not eat and only plants produce food.

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