Gardening | Grades 4-8 | Math, Science

Square Foot Gardening

Have students investigate area and perimeter by creating a garden plot using 12×12 inch squares. This activity is also great for garden planning.

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Gardening | Grades Kindergarten-2 | Math, Science, Language Arts

Soil Sort

Young students become soil surgeons, dissecting soil and sorting its components and begin to discover its unique properties.

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Gardening | Grades 3-5 | Math, Science, Language Arts

It All Begins With Soil

This lesson is intended for upper elementary, and middle school students. There is an additional lesson for younger students titled Soil Sort. Students examine soil to identify its components and ways that its structure affects plant growth.

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Gardening | Grades 4-8 | Math, Science, Language Arts

Acid to Alkaline

Students explore pH with an emphasis on soil pH. This activity uses soils and vinegar solutions.

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Gardening | Grades 2-5 | Math, Science, Language Arts

Plan It, Map It

Using the information provided, students work with their teacher and resources available to plan their garden and employ math skills to do so.

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Gardening | Grades 1-5 | Math, Science, Language Arts

Inch by Inch, Row by Row

Students plan and map garden beds, using information about growth requirements for each plant.

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Dairy | Grades 3-8 | Math, Language Arts

Making Milk

In this lesson, students will learn about the milking process, composition of milk and how the dairy product goes from the animal to the table.

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By-product | Grades 1-7 | Science, Math

Beyond Food

The agriculture industry is responsible for producing a variety of products. By-products are a secondary product created when an initial product is produced. Virtually every part of an animal or plant is put to good use. This lesson discovers the differences between products and by-products and showcases how relevant agriculture is in daily life.

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Citrus | Grades 4-5 | Math

Citrus Math Lesson

Economists assemble a wide array of statistical information and analyses of that data about an agriculture industry, citrus. Students will put their math minds to work by solving real-world citrus problems and depicting real-world data.

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Poultry | Grades 4-7 | Math, Language Arts, Social Studies

The Chicken and the Egg

Students will become familiar with the important role Florida’s broiler production and broiler companies play. The students will continue to expand their knowledge by utilizing their math skills to calculate the space needed to adequately raise broiler birds and read graphs pertinent to the poultry industry.

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