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Your purchase of Florida's "Ag Tag" license plate benefits the Florida Agriculture in the Classroom Program.

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Register A Group of Readers – Forever There’s A Forest!

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If you are registering more than one reader (or group) going into one or more classrooms to read 'These Florida Farms' this is the form to fill out.
  • FAITC will be kicking off Ag Lit Day on October 22, 2019 but you can read any day in the 2019-2020 school year.
  • If you are reading as an affiliate of an agricultural organization or company, please enter the name.
  • Please enter all readers' email addresses if you have them so that we can send an evaluation.
  • If your group is reading to more than one school please fill out a form for each school.
  • Please list the classroom teacher's email address if available.

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