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Garden Art


Students will be introduced to artists and their work in order to prepare them to create their own garden art or still life portraits. Appreciating the beauty of still life art and garden produce will increase interest in foods grown in the garden. Students will use that appreciation to develop promotional art to be displayed in the school to encourage fellow students to eat more fruits and vegetables.


Students will:

  1. Correctly identify several artists, their work, and their style of art.
  2. Complete a decoupage artwork, traditional artwork, still life or virtual artwork using their sensory perception.
  3. Students will create slogans to accompany their artwork that promote consuming fruits and vegetables and post those slogans with their artwork in the school cafeteria.

Teaching Resources

Bring agriculture into the classroom with lesson plans, activities, and resources for any subject or grade level. Download or request one of our school gardening books for comprehensive resources students will love!

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