Environmental, Insects/Integrated Pest Management | Grades Kindergarten-5 | Science

Edible Soil

Students will create a tasty treat that resembles the different layers of soil.

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Gardening | Grades Kindergarten-5 | Science, Social Studies

Spice It Up

This activity can be used to get students excited about herbs, where they come from, and their several uses.

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Bees | Grades Kindergarten-5 |

Honey Treats

Learn about the nutritional value of honey and its role in the sports industry while making an energy filled snack.

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By-product | Grades 1-7 | Math, Science

Beyond Food

The agriculture industry is responsible for producing a variety of products. By-products are a secondary product created when an initial product is produced. Virtually every part of an animal or plant is put to good use. This lesson discovers the differences between products and by-products and showcases how relevant agriculture is in daily life.

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