Dairy | Grades Kindergarten-5 | Science, Art

Silly Swirls

Students will have fun with a hands-on experiment involving milk and molecular bonds.

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Horticulture | Grades Kindergarten-5 | Science

3D Flower Model

Learn the parts of the flower by constructing a 3-D flower model. Students will be able to differentiate between parts of the flower.

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Peanut | Grades Kindergarten-5 | Science

“Old Fashioned” Peanut Butter

Students will learn the process to make peanut butter.

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Environmental, Forest | Grades Kindergarten-1 |

Nature Display

Students will collect items in nature to display on a tree cookie to hang on the wall.

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Gardening | Grades Kindergarten-2 | Science

Milk Carton Gardens

Students will create their own garden pots using milk cartons. They will learn about all the nutrients, elements and factors that go into starting and growing plants.

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Horticulture, Gardening | Grades Kindergarten-3 | Science

Grass Artist

Students will understand what a plant needs to grow by planting grass in different shapes.

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Gardening | Grades Kindergarten-2 | Science

Flowering Seeds

Students will observe similarities and differences of seeds to make a flower.

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Environmental, Insects/Integrated Pest Management | Grades Kindergarten-5 | Science

Edible Soil

Students will create a tasty treat that resembles the different layers of soil.

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Environmental | Grades Kindergarten-3 | Science

Creative Containers

Students will learn how to upcycle items that would normally end up in the landfill.

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Grades Kindergarten-3 | Art

Pumpkin, Pumpkin

Students will create an artistic project while learn about pumpkin plants.

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