3rd Grade Educational Kits Available

FAITC has created a hands-on educational kit that covers the 3rd grade science standard SC.3.L14.1. There is a limited number of kits available and a follow up survey is required.
The kits include:
  • Plant structures and functions labeling activity and worksheet
  • Reading comprehension activity
  • Build-a-flower activity supplies

*This kit is best for on grade level 3rd grade students. The reading comprehension may be too advance for low readers. 4th-5th grade teachers who are teaching students at this level are also eligible.

3rd Grade Science Kit Application

FAITC has created a hands on lesson to cover the Florida science standard SC.3.L.14.1 that covers plant structures and their functions.
  • If follow up information is given, FAITC will send supplies for the following school year.

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