3rd Grade Educational Kits Available

In 2019, FAITC created a hands-on educational kit that covers the 3rd grade science standard SC.3.L14.1. We are offering this kit again this school year (2020-2021) but we ask that you 1) only request the kit if you are teaching brick and mortar and 2) only request for your students, not your team of teachers. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at faitc@agtag.org.
The kits include:
  • Plant structures and functions labeling activity and worksheet
  • Reading comprehension activity
  • Build-a-flower activity supplies

*This kit is best for on grade level 3rd grade students. The reading comprehension may be too advance for low readers. 4th-5th grade teachers who are teaching students at this level are also eligible.

*This lesson includes a group work activity therefore it may not be applicable this school year. We will be offering the kits for the 2021-2022 school year so please hold off ordering your kit if you are unable to do group work with your students at this time. Thank you!

3rd Grade Science Kit Application 2020-2021

FAITC has created a hands on lesson to cover the Florida science standard SC.3.L.14.1 that covers plant structures and their functions.
  • Please only send in a request for the students you actually teach. If you would like to request for your entire grade team please fill out individual forms for each teacher.
  • If follow up information is given, FAITC will send supplies for the following school year.

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