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Tomato Lesson Plan

Tomato Lesson Plan

Florida TomatoSpring Produce of the Week

Background Information

The high humidity and mild winters make Florida perfect for growing tomatoes. Florida’s nutrient-rich soil is ideal for a bountiful crop. Tomatoes are thought to lower the risks of lung and stomach cancers. The deep red color is thought to be the reason for this cancer protective effect. Tomatoes are also high in vitamin C and A that research has shown protects against DNA damage and slows the aging process. Herbie is the main character in this vegetable series. His mother, Violet, is teaching him how to be healthy by eating foods that have rich vitamin and mineral value.

Florida Standards-
SC.1.L.14.1, SC.1.L.14.2, SC.1.N.1.3, SC.1.P.8.1, SC.2.N.1.1, SC.2.P.8.1,SC.3.N.1.1, SC.3.N.1.3, SC.3.N.1.6, SC.3.N.3.2,


Tomato Lesson Plan