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The Florida Seminoles and Their Horses

The Florida Seminoles and Their Horses

Brief Description: In our American history textbooks the plains dwelling Indians are described as having a horse-orientated culture.  The Seminole of Florida also had great dependency on horses but in much different ways than the Indians of the plains. The Seminoles came riding and walking into Florida territory from Georgia in the 1740s. These were a people that were called Creek and Muskogee but earned a new name in Florida as they united.

By 1750 the Seminole had established their villages.  They found multitudes of feral horses and cattle left behind by the Spanish who had vacated Florida.  Those Spanish bred horses proved to be necessary and dependable work partners.  As mounted hunters, warriors, cattle herders and traders of deer skins with the Carolina colonists, the Seminole’s way of life and economic endeavors were absolutely dependent on their horses.

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