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The Farm Charm

The Farm Charm


Brief Description
Learn about the farm and renewable vs. nonrenewable resources while creating a necklace to remind us about the importance of the farm land.

Objectives: The student will be able to:

  • Discuss the importance of resources on the farm.
  • Identify differences in renewable and nonrenewable resources.


Step-by-Step Pictures:

Supplies_opt (5)


STEP ONE: Gather your supplies: Small, plastic jewelry bag, hole punch, yarn, coffee, peat moss, blue shredded paper, confetti trees, corn, soybeans, animal confetti, rock salt, flour, blue confetti, and gold confetti.

Add to Bag_opt

STEP TWO: The materials represent resources on a farm. Drop a pinch of each of the materials into the bag.
a. Soil- Coffee
b. Organic Matter- Peat Moss
c. Soil Organisms- Blue Shredded Paper
d. Plants- Confetti Trees
e. Corn- Corn
f. Soybeans- Soybeans
g. Animals- Animal Confetti
h. Fertilizer- Rock Salt
i. Pesticides- Flour
j. Water- Blue Confetti
k. Sunlight- Gold Confetti

Add string_opt

STEP THREE: Punch a hole into the top of the bag and pull the string through, making sure it’s long enough to wear as a necklace.