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Recycled Newspaper Pots

Recycled Newspaper Pots


Brief Description

Learn about recycling and create usable flower pots from recycled material.

Objectives: The student will be able to:

  • Identify the uses of recycled material.



Step-by-Step Pictures:

IMG_3893 STEP ONE: Gather your supplies: Old newspaper, glue (or tape as used in this example), an empty can of any size, and scissors.IMG_3894

STEP TWO: cut out a strip of newspaper (maybe 3 or 4 layers thick) that’s about as tall as the can chosen.


STEP THREE: tape the newspaper together around the can.

















STEP FOUR: Tape the bottom of the “newspaper pot” together as shown above.

 STEP FIVE: Your finished product. Fill with soil and plant seeds in. These can be buried in the ground or kept in trays for growing.