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Brief Description:
This lesson helps students understand what a true insect is, classification of insects and other arthropods, and their life cycle. This includes the study of metamorphosis. Students will collect and identify some insects. Students will also explore the impact of insect damage and some control measures.

Objectives: Students will be able to:

  1. Collect and identify various insects.
  2. Differentiate between gradual and complete metamorphosis.
  3. Determine the type of metamorphosis their collected insects undergo.
  4. Identify insects harmful to agricultural crops, animals and humans, and identify pest damage.
  5. Use the Internet to obtain information about insects.


Activity One: Two, 45 to 60 minutes plus quiz time
Activity Two: 45 minutes
Activity Three: 30 minutes for activity and discussion; 1 week for insect collection, identification, and mounting, plus research and Internet time