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Florida’s Ag Cash Receipts

Florida’s Ag Cash Receipts

FL Ag Cash Receipts

Brief Description:

Students will examine the economic importance of agriculture to the state of Florida by examining and manipulating data in several ways. Florida’s Agricultural Cash Receipts will analyze the production and value of Florida’s field crops, Florida’s livestock cash receipts, and dairy products.

Objectives: Students will be able to:

  1. Identify the significance of agriculture to Florida’s economy.
  2. Interpret agricultural data to create line graphs and histograms (bar graphs).
  3. Construct line graphs to show variations in livestock cash receipts.
  4. Create a pie chart of livestock cash receipt percentages.
  5. Choose the appropriate operation, multiplication or division, to complete the data of field crops.


Activity One:45 to 60 minutes
Activity Two: Two, 45 to 60 minute class periods
Activity Three: Two, 45 to 60 minute class periods