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Florida’a Invasive Species

Florida’a Invasive Species

Brief Overview:
This lesson will explore specific species that have become invaders in Florida, why Florida’s climate makes it a sentinel state for invasive species, and the top four invasive species of Florida. It will discuss how they were introduced and whether or not they were eradicated.

ObjectivesBy the end of this unit the students will be able to:

  1. Identify five specific invasive species that are serious problems in Florida and why;
  2. Map areas where five invasive species are problems in Florida;
  3. Identify how and/or why those invasive species became problems;
  4. Explain the economic and environmental damage those invasive species are causing or may cause to Florida;
  5. Describe how the damage explained above affects the rest of the U.S. and/or world; and
  6. Detail how invasive species impact biodiversity.