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Florida: The Horse Fossil Capital of the World

Florida: The Horse Fossil Capital of the World

Brief Description:  Florida is known today as the “horse fossil capital of the world” by paleontologists because of the vast amount of ancient horse fossils discovered and collected within the lime rock and clay strata of the Sunshine State. Horses or equines were only living upon the North American continent as they evolved through the millennia.  It appears from the fossils recovered in Florida that an abundance of extinct equine species of the past fifty million years inhabited Florida.  The most prolific of Florida’s fossil discoveries have been found at the locations of ancient water filled sinkholes where equines drowned. Their bones mineralized as they lay scattered in the muck of the sinkhole ponds. In present time, those fossilized equine bones have been found encased in tombs of clay, by accident or by lucky fossil hunters.

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