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Florida Milk Makers

Florida Milk Makers

Florida Dairy Cow

Brief Description:

Students will explore the dairy industry of Florida, breeds of dairy cattle, and the composition of milk. Students will also design a demonstration, which explains why water weighs more than milk at equal volumes.

Objectives: Students will be able to:

  1. Describe the importance of dairy in Florida.
  2. Identify and distinguish between the five major breeds of dairy cattle and explain why these breeds were developed.
  3. Present facts about dairy breeds and the Florida dairy industry in an oral presentation.
  4. Use the Internet to obtain information about milk, Florida’s dairy industry, and dairy products.
  5. Describe the composition of milk.
  6. Develop a demonstration that depicts why water weighs more than milk at equal volumes.

Activity One: 60-90 minutes for research, writing and map making 25-30 minutes for reporting
Activity Two: 60-90 minutes for research and writing 25-30 minutes for reporting
Activity Three: A week in and out of class to develop demonstrations 45 minutes to present demonstrations

Downloads (PDF unless specified otherwise)