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Edible Dirt

Edible Dirt


Brief Description
Make a dirt cake and learn about soil along the way.

Objectives: The student will be able to:

  • Identify the three basic soil horizons.


Step-by-Step Pictures:



IMG_3868STEP ONE: Gather your ingredients: package of Oreos, graham crackers, chocolate pudding, whipped cream, gummy worms, a clear plastic cup, plastic sandwich bags, and a spoon.
IMG_3869 IMG_3870








STEP TWO: place one graham cracker in the plastic bag and crush it until there are no big pieces left. Then put these into the bottom of the cup.


This is the parent material or “C layer”.IMG_3872 STEP THREE: Empty one full pudding cup on top of the graham cracker layer.IMG_3873

This is the subsoil, or “B layer”.
IMG_3874 STEP FOUR: Spray a layer of whipped cream on top of the pudding layer.IMG_3875 This is the topsoil or “A layer”.

IMG_3876 IMG_3877








STEP FIVE: Place a few Oreos into the other plastic bag and crush until crumbled. Then sprinkle this on top of the whipped cream layer.


This is the organic layer. It is made up  of the matter that was once living.


STEP SIX: Add the gummy worms for a fun topping for the kids.IMG_3880

STEP SEVEN: Add green sprinkles to represent grass. Then enjoy your “edible dirt”!