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Dirt Babies

Dirt Babies


Brief Description
Learn about the effects of the apical meristem on the growth of grass plants while creating a wonderful craft.

Objectives: The student will be able to:

  • Discuss the effects of the apical meristem on the growth of grass plants.


Step-by-Step Pictures:

Supplies_opt (4)










STEP ONE: Gather your supplies: knee-high stockings, wiggle eyes, glue, red felt, grass seed, potting soil, scoop, and baby food jars (or a styrofoam cup bottom like we used).

Fill with Grass Seed_optSTEP TWO: Place a few pinches of grass seed in the bottom (toe) of the stocking.

Add Potting Soil_optSTEP THREE: Add a scoop of potting soil on top of the grass seed.

tie knot_optSTEP FOUR: Tie the stocking in a secured knot at the top.

Cut out Face_optSTEP FIVE: Cut a mouth from red felt or foam.

Glue face On_opt

STEP SIX: Glue the mouth and wiggle eyes to the dirt baby’s head.

Cut Cup_opt

STEP SEVEN: Pace dirt baby into a cup.
*Tip: You may need to cut the cup smaller so the baby’s head is above the rim.

Place in Sun_opt

STEP EIGHT: Gently water the baby and place in a well-lit spot such as a window.

Watch Grow_opt

STEP NINE: Your dirt baby should begin to grow “hair” in about a week. It grows fast, so you may need to give it a haircut!