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Deliah, the Bag Puppet

Deliah, the Bag Puppet

Deliah the bag puppetMake-N-Take

Brief Description

Learn about Florida’s dairy industry while making a fun puppet.

Objectives: The student will be able to:

  • Recall facts about Florida’s dairy industry.


Step-by-Step Pictures:












STEP ONE: Gather your supplies: Cow pattern (download), scissors, glue, black marker, 6″ paper plate, red, brown, and white construction paper, and a brown or white paper lunch bag.

STEP TWO: Have the students trace the head and mouth patterns onto the brown construction paper and cut them out.

STEP THREE: Cut the paper plate in half. Trace the paper plate half onto white construction paper and cut it out. Trim about 1/4 inch from the curve of the half circle.

STEP FOUR: Trace the eye pattern two times and the tongue pattern once onto red construction paper and cut them out.

STEP FIVE: Take the cow pattern and glue it onto the bottom of the bag. Then glue the eyes and ears on.

STEP SIX: Paste the mouth under the flap of the bag so that it overlaps with the cow’s face when the flap is closed. Then glue the tongue onto the mouth.

STEP SEVEN: With the black marker, draw the eyelashes, a nose, and a smile onto Deliah’s face.