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Corn Lesson Plan

Corn Lesson Plan

CornSpring Produce of the Week

Background Information

Corn is a warm-weather plant that grows well with six hours of sunlight and Florida’s long growing season. Corn is high in vitamin B1, vitamin C and folic acid. Adding corn fiber to your diet can lower blood pressure and reduce heart disease. The fatty acids in corn promote good skin and hair quality. Antioxidants in corn have been found to delay vision loss and may serve to protect the retina. Herbie is the main character in this vegetable series. His mother, Violet, is teaching him how to be healthy by eating foods like corn that have rich vitamin and mineral value.

Florida Standards-
SC.1.L.14.1, SC.1.L.14.2, SC.1.N.1.3, SC.1.P.8.1, SC.2.N.1.1, SC.2.P.8.1, SC.3.N.1.1, SC.3.N.1.3, SC.3.N.1.6, SC.3.N.3.2,