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Circling Citrus

Circling Citrus


Brief Description

Circling Citrus is a fun activity for students to learn about Florida Citrus. The activity also helps students understand fractions.

Objectives: The student will be able to:

  • Recall facts about citrus.
  • Use knowledge of fractions to divide a circle into eighths.


Step-by-Step Pictures:

STEP ONE: Gather supplies: Orange plate, orange sheet of construction paper, printed template (including stem cut-out and circle divided into eighths), pens/pencils, scissors, brad, and the list of Florida citrus facts (in downloads above).







STEP TWO: Cut out the printed circle and trace onto orange construction paper.Then cut the construction paper out.

STEP THREE: Copy the citrus facts into the circle. One fact in each section.

STEP FOUR: Glue facts onto the paper plate.

STEP FIVE: Cut out an eighth from the orange construction paper. Then place on top of facts on the paper plate and attach it using a brad.






STEP SIX: Color the printed stem green and cut it out using the scissors.

STEP SEVEN: Glue the stem onto the plate.

STEP SEVEN: Final product. Now students can turn their citrus spinner and read the citrus facts.