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  • Tree

    Every Tree for Itself

    Lesson from Illinois Ag in the Classroom.  Objective:  Students will simulate how trees compete for their essential needs and describe how varying amounts of light, water, and nutrients affect a tree’s growth. Download: Every Tree for Itself

  • Earthworm

    Build a Mini Worm Bin

    Lesson from Oregon Ag in the Classroom. Description: Discover why earthworms are considered a gardener’s best friend. The mini worm bin, or “wormery”, built in this activity allows students to observe the worms as they convert plant material into rich compost. These wormeries are easy

  • No Image

    Edible Dirt

    Make-N-Take Brief Description Make a dirt cake and learn about soil along the way. Objectives: The student will be able to: Identify the three basic soil horizons. Download: Edible Dirt Make-N-Take See below for the modified and step-by-step version. Step-by-Step Pictures:     STEP ONE: