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  • Picture1

    Edible Flower Parts

    Here is a fun way to teach the anatomy of a flower. Everything in this flower is edible, which the students will love. Download: Edible Flower  

  • Newspaper1

    Grow Cards

    Lesson from Louisiana Ag in the Classroom. Have your students ever received a greeting card for a special occasion? Have they ever planted it? Now students can recycle newspaper into a plant-able greeting card! Download: Grow Cards

  • Ppnuts

    Biodegradable Packing Peanuts

    Lesson from Louisiana Ag in the Classroom. These packing peanuts are almost entirely made of corn! They are totally water soluble and biodegradable. Download:  Biodegradable Packing Peanuts

  • Plant

    Propagating Plants

    Purpose: Learn to create a new plant without a seed by using a plant part. Vocabulary:  Propagate Cutting Foliage Aeration Nodes Downloads: Propagating Plants

  • Seed Structure Bean Book

    Seed Structure – Bean Book

    Make-N-Take Brief Description After participating in a seed discussion activity, students will write a small book describing the three main parts of a seed. This project can be done by the art teacher or the regular classroom teacher for both science and language skills. By

  • Seed Necklace

    Seed Necklace

    Make-N-Take Materials Needed: Cotton Balls 2’’x 3” ziplock bags (with hole punched in top) Yarn Spray water bottle Seeds Scissors Download: Seed Necklace Make-N-Take Step-by-Step Pictures: STEP ONE: Gather your supplies: cotton Ball, 2’’x 3” ziplock bag, yarn, seeds, and Scissors STEP TWO: Place damp

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