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  • Water Droplet

    Water Cycle Bracelet

    Lesson from Illinois Ag in the Classroom. Description: This activity uses 10 beads that represent the water cycle, or the hydrologic cycle. The beads are used to show the paths water takes through its various states – solid, liquid and vapor, as it moves throughout Earth’s systems

  • Newspaper1

    Grow Cards

    Lesson from Louisiana Ag in the Classroom. Have your students ever received a greeting card for a special occasion? Have they ever planted it? Now students can recycle newspaper into a plant-able greeting card! Download: Grow Cards

  • Tree

    Every Tree for Itself

    Lesson from Illinois Ag in the Classroom.  Objective:  Students will simulate how trees compete for their essential needs and describe how varying amounts of light, water, and nutrients affect a tree’s growth. Download: Every Tree for Itself

  • Edible Aquifer

    Brief Description: This activity teaches students about aquifers. Each student will create their own aquifer in a glass using edible ingredients. Each ingredient added to the cup represents a different section of the aquifer giving students an understanding of groundwater and the structure of the

  • No Image

    Watershed & Envirosacks

    Make-N-Take Brief Description Learn about watershed and enviroscapes while making a tasty treat. Objectives: The student will be able to: Discuss the pollution of watersheds Construct a topographical map Download: Watershed Envirosnacks Make-N-Take

  • No Image

    Show Your Work

    Make-N-Take Brief Description An “easy to make” wipe-off board can eliminate paper waste and help students improve math and language art skills. Learning math and language skills are easiest when students show their work to help solve problems and increase chances to learn from one

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