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Burger Snacks

Burger Snacks


Brief Description
Learn how the ingredients of a hamburger fit into the five food groups while creating a representative snack.

Objectives: The student will be able to:

  • Identify six basic food groups and corresponding foods’ ingredients.


Step-by-Step Pictures:

Supplies_opt (2)

STEP ONE: Gather your supplies: 2 vanilla wafers (or vanilla Oreos), 1 chocolate cookie (or Oreo cookie), red icing, yellow icing, white icing, and green-dyed coconut.

Make Colors_opt

STEP TWO: Make the colored icing if it’s not already colored. The red represents ketchup, the green (with coconut) represents lettuce, the yellow represents mustard, and the white represents mayonnaise.

Frost Cookies_opt

STEP THREE: Frost the cookies with the desired toppings.


STEP FOUR: Put the cookies together and enjoy!