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Beyond Food

Beyond Food

Brief Description:
In addition to producing food, agriculture produces other necessities and a great many products beyond absolute necessities. Many of these products come from animals. They may be edible but most are inedible. The many ways animal products and by-products are used to provide or manufacture clothing,
medicines, industrial products, cosmetics, household goods, sports equipment, and luxuries is amazing. Virtually every part of an animal is put to good use.

Objectives: Students will be able to:

  1. Define the term by-product.
  2. Identify products made from animals.
  3. Recognize the importance of by-products.
  4. Determine the circumference, area or volume of an agricultural by-product.


Activity 1: 15-20 minutes
Activity 2: 30-40 minutes
Activity 3: 30-45 minutes