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Beef it up

Beef it up

Lesson 1: Raising Cattle: A Florida First
Summary: Students will examine the history of Florida’s Cattle industry from early Spanish settlements through- expansion of ranches in the Panhandle from 1700’s southward ranch development in the 1800’s, noted contributions by African American cattleman Lawrence Silas.

Lesson 2: Caring For Cattle and Florida Land
Summary: Florida’s environment is a precious resource in which all people can benefit from; as such conservation has been a priority for Florida cattlemen. They work as stewards of the Earth to ensure a greener future.

Lesson 3: That Great Taste of Grass
Summary: Cattle anatomy allows it to consume grasses that humans can not and use this as food to provide energy for the cattle to thrive and produce protein that humans can consume and use as energy to thrive. This food web is one small part of a food production cycle which includes production, processing, distribution and consumption.

Lesson 4: Bully for The Brahman
Summary: This lesson explains that Florida’s ranchers benefit from science and technology in their industry. Through selective breeding ranchers have been able to produce a beef product that is now 27% leaner, than just 10 yrs ago. By employing computer technology ranchers are able to gain information on how much fat to muscle ratio is being produced in the cattle they raise.

Lesson 6: There’s a Cow in my marshmallow!
Summary: Agricultural by products play a major part in our everyday lives, providing us with many items, that contributes to a comfortable life style. This activity enables students to form an understanding of how diverse cattle products are beyond beef for consumption.

Lesson 7: You are What you Eat and Beef Fits the Way You Keep Fit
Summary: This section is focused on nutritional health. Nutritional focus of what nutrients lean beef can provide to how our bodies use protein to develop and maintain muscle.  ln depth analysis of vitamins, minerals and protein found in lean beef. How our bodies use these nutrients to maintain a healthy life style along with exercise are all covered on these pages.

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