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Around the World in 500 Years

Around the World in 500 Years

Brief Description:
This lesson reinforces the other invasive species lessons about how animals and pests began their global journey with early explorers and settlers. It explores the huge global transformation of exploration and colonization and exchange of plants, animals and microorganisms that has occurred in the past 500 years. It explores both positive and negative impacts of the invasive species that followed that exchange. The lesson ends by exploring the rapid transportation of insects, diseases and other invasive pests though air travel and global trade that still exists today.

Objectives: By the end of this unit the students will be able to:

  1. Identify that European explorers and colonists located in different areas of America;
  2. List and describe the species that accompanied Europeans and became invasive species;
  3. Explain the impact of wild horses and cattle on American Indians and immigrants, respectively;
  4. Describe the impact of invasive European diseases; and
  5. Explain the impact of trade on the colonies and today on invasive species.